About Us

MagBio Genomics Solutions Africa (MGSA) is a private limited company incorporated in Kenya, and an affiliate of MagBio Genomics Inc, a US based Biotechnology company. MagBio GSA has 2 main divisions that are 1) Genomics consultancy Services and 2) Products and Accessories Supply.

MagBio GSA Consulting Services is built on the business model that nations or private investors in Africa acknowledge the needs for program that deal with infectious diseases and non-communicative diseases like cancer.

Although the will and financial means may be available to build or upgrade health centers such Oncology centers to more efficiently and effectively treat patients, buildings alone cannot guarantee the success of health services. A series of well thought steps has to follow to develop a successful health center such cancer center.

MagBio GSA provides services that help public and private sectors conceive, build and manage a sustainable health center across Africa. Our focus is on Genomics program for cancer and infectious diseases such HIV.

MagBio GSA’s Products and Accessories Supply provides innovative technology products that  enable and advance research.

MagBio GSA, works closely with the research scientists in Kenya and the rest of Africa, to better understand the issues faced in their research activities and develops customized products or technology as a solution to the identified obstacles. The company sources and supplies different lines of products that are needed in the research workflows but difficult to obtain or too costly for the research community. This ranges from molecular biology consumables, plastic laboratory consumables, non-pharmaceutical and many other lines of products that could be needed in the research workflow. MagBio GSA as a company, puts a lot of emphasis on producing high quality products, with many being CE marked, IVD certified and others manufactured with the American Standard.


MagBio GSA (MGSA) will be a recognized local organization leader in accelerating medical and genomic research in Africa and empowering communities.


Our corporate mission is to help our customers generate quality data faster at an affordable cost through our own expertise and strategic partnerships in public and private sectors.

   Our Values

MagBio GSA is a company with a social conscience. Our Values are

Innovation, Quality, Integrity, wellbeing